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What is FMIZoo.jl?

FMIZoo.jl is a collection of testing and example FMUs ( for the Julia libraries FMI.jl and FMIFlux.jl.

CI Testing Coverage

How can I use FMIZoo.jl?

  1. open a Julia-Command-Window, activate your preferred environment
  2. goto package manager using ]
  3. type add FMIZoo or add ""

What FMI.jl-Library to use?

FMI.jl Logo To keep dependencies nice and clean, the original package FMI.jl had been split into new packages:

  • FMI.jl: High level loading, manipulating, saving or building entire FMUs from scratch
  • FMIImport.jl: Importing FMUs into Julia
  • FMIExport.jl: Exporting stand-alone FMUs from Julia Code
  • FMIBase.jl: Common concepts for import and export of FMUs
  • FMICore.jl: C-code wrapper for the FMI-standard
  • FMISensitivity.jl: Static and dynamic sensitivities over FMUs
  • FMIBuild.jl: Compiler/Compilation dependencies for FMIExport.jl
  • FMIFlux.jl: Machine Learning with FMUs
  • FMIZoo.jl: A collection of testing and example FMUs

What Platforms are supported?

FMIZoo.jl is tested (and testing) under Julia Versions 1.6.7 LTS (64-bit) and latest (64-bit) on Windows latest (64-bit) and Ubuntu latest (64-bit). MacOS and Julia (32-bit) should work, but untested.