A framework for simulating rigid body systems dynamically interacting with viscous incompressible flows

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About the package

This is a framework for simulating rigid body systems interacting with two-dimensional flow, i.e. Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). Considering the components, rigid body solver take advantage of Dyn3d.jl and incompressible flow solver ViscousFlow.jl. The monolithic and versatile algorithm for this solver refers to https://escholarship.org/uc/item/0nq1t5zw

The package is currently stable for Julia 1.3 with some possible warnings, and it

  • allows for both passive and active rigid body systems in an incompressible flow
  • allows for both infinitely thin body (1d body) and body with finite area (2d body)
  • allows for arbitrarily small fluid-body density ratios, including zero mass and neutrally buoyant cases

FSInteraction.jl is registered in the general Julia registry. To install, type e.g.,

] add FSInteraction

Then, in any version, type

julia> using FSInteraction

See the example Jupyter notebooks in the examples folder.