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A Julia interface for running a test FTP server with pyftpdlib.


FTPServer makes use of PyCall for running the FTP server. It's recommended that you use PYTHON="" so that Julia uses its own Python distribution. However, if you wish to specify a system Python you will need to use at least Python 3 and install the Python packages pyopenssl and pyftpdlib.


Since this package is primarily intended for test ftp logic, we recommend using the FTPServer.serve do-block syntax to handle cleaning your test ftp server.

using FTPClient
using FTPServer

# Initialize a root directory to run servers from

# Run some tests
FTPServer.serve() do server
    opts = (
        :hostname => FTPServer.hostname(server),
        :port => FTPServer.port(server),
        :username => FTPServer.username(server),
        :password => FTPServer.password(server),

    options = RequestOptions(; opts..., ssl=false)
    ctxt, resp = ftp_connect(options)

# Cleanup the shared FTP directory