Time Interaface

To be honest, the time interface for Fable.jl is under construction and not quite ready for general use; however, as an animation engine, it does allow users to use some form of "time" component for each FractalUserMethod.

The most important thing to note is that Fable.jl fundamentally animates per frame, not based on real time! This simply means that the variable sent to each FractalUserMethod is not time, but the current frame.

How to use the Fable.jl time interface

Right now, simply create a FractalUserMethod that uses the frame variable, and then pass some time argument along to your run!(...) function as a keyword argument:

run!(layer; time = t)

Here t could be a Float that represents the number of seconds, an Int that represents the current frame, or a Unitful quantity (like `1u"s") which represents some other unit of time.

I'll be adding more to these docs as the time interface becomes more stable, but for now, please feel free to let me know what you think on the relevant issue!