Thank you to:

  • Simon Honberg for the original open-source Python code upon which this repository is largely based. This has provided me with an easy-to-read and clear foundation for the Julia implementation of this algorithm;
  • Michael Jones for (along with Tirta Susilo) suggesting the method for a facelike-ness measure;
  • Mahdi Rezaei for helping me understand the full process of Viola-Jones' object detection;
  • Ying Bi for always being happy to answer questions (which mainly turned out to be a lack of programming knowledge rather than conceptual; also with help from Bing Xue);
  • Mr. H. Lockwood and Mr. D. Peck are Comp. Sci. students who have answered a few questions of mine;
  • Finally, the people in the Julia slack channel, for dealing with many (probably stupid) questions. Just a few who come to mind: Micket, David Sanders, Eric Forgy, Jakob Nissen, and Roel.