fglt(A::SparseMatrixCSC{F, I})

Perform the Fast Graphlet Transform (FGLT) on a graph described by the given adjacency matrix A and return a tuple with the raw and net frequency matrices (f and fnet of size n by 16), where n is the number of nodes in the graph.

The computed frequencies correspond to the following graphlets:

11-path, at an end
22-path, at an end
3bi-fork, at the root
43-clique, at any node
53-path, at an end
63-path, at an interior node
7claw, at a leaf
8claw, at the root
9dipper, at the handle tip
10dipper, at a base node
11dipper, at the center
124-cycle, at any node
13diamond, at an off-cord node
14diamond, at an on-cord node 14
154-clique, at any node