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A simple finite element toolbox written in Julia.

Note: This package was originally called JuAFEM.jl, but has now been renamed to Ferrite.jl.



You can install Ferrite from the Pkg REPL:

pkg> add Ferrite


Contributions in all forms (bug reports, documentation, features, suggestions, ...) are very welcome. See CONTRIBUTING for more details.


If you have questions about Ferrite.jl you're welcome to reach out to us on the Julia Slack under #ferrite-fem or on Zulip under #Ferrite.jl (links to Slack and Zulip). Alternatively you can start a new discussion in the discussion forum on the repository. Feel free to ask us even if you are not sure the problem is with Ferrite.jl.

If you encounter what you think is a bug please report it, see CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.

Community Standards

Please keep in mind that we are part of the Julia community and adhere to the Julia Community Standards.