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The Findclosest.jl package exports a single function findclosest(pts[, dist]) that finds the closest pair of points in pts. It employs a standard multi-dimensional divide-and-conquer recursive algorithm with optimal scaling O(n log(n)) in the number of points n.


julia> using FindClosest, StaticArrays

julia> pts = rand(SVector{3,Float64}, 10^5);

julia> @time findclosest(pts)
  0.083620 seconds (29 allocations: 5.049 MiB)
(0.00018927587118480567, (4517, 34872))

The returned tuple has the form (d, (i, j)), where (i, j) are the indices of the two closest points in pts and d is their distance dist(pᵢ, pⱼ).

Possible future developments include multithreading, non-recursive algorithms and O(1) memory usage