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1 - Introduction

Simple and fast HTTP parser for CRUD API backend Julia web frameworks.

Takes advantage of Julia multi-threading via ThreadPools and parses requests as buffer via BufferedStreams.

Architecture inspired from PicoHTTPParser.

2 - Setup

Simply wrap your routing function inside start_server:

Flamenco.start_server("", 8000) do request::Flamenco.Server.Request
    routes(; request_headers=request.headers, request_method=request.method, request_path=request.target, request_payload=request.body)

Your routing function must accept the 4 arguments:

  • request.headers ::Dict{String, String}
  • request.method ::String
  • request.target ::String
  • request.body ::String

Content-Type Header must be set inside your routing function as well. If Content-Length and Date Headers are not set, Flamenco will automatically set these in the HTTP response.

If you would prefer this routing logic to be automatically taken care of, see DanceJL as an example..

3 - Supported HTTP Standards

Currently only HTTP 1.1 is supported.

Also the incoming request must be one of: DELETE, GET, OPTIONS, POST or PUT.