A very basic Julia client for retrieving power prices from Flick Electric.

As flick doesn't (yet) allow developers to register applications you have to use the app tokens embedded in their mobile client app. Internally this package just calls the same endpoints as the mobile app.


You can create a credentials.json file if you like, or configure at runtime.

  "client_id": "le37iwi3qctbduh39fvnpevt1m2uuvz",
  "client_secret": "ignwy9ztnst3azswww66y9vd9zt6qnt",
  "username": "your email here",
  "password": "your password here"

Note the client_id and client_secret have been baked into the Flick mobile application and they haven't changed in the last 3 years so you should be fine... However if they change feel free to open a PR to update the defaults here.


using Flick

config = Flick.get_config("credentials.json")
auth_token = Flick.get_auth_token(config)

Alternatively give a username and password directly:

using Flick

auth_token = Flick.get_auth_token(username, password)

In any case once you have your auth_token use it to get the detailed price, or the current price in cents:

current_price = Flick.get_current_price(auth_token)
println("Current freestyle price in cents: ", current_price)

price_detail = get_price_detail(auth_token)

Very much based off the Python client - PyFlick