steady_state_trim(ac::Aircraft, fcs::FCS, env::Environment, tas::Number,
    pos::Position, psi::Number, gamma::Number, turn_rate::Number)

Find a steady state flight condition.


ac: aircraft to be trimmed. fcs: flight control system for that aircraft. Controls given by get_controls_trimmer will be used to trim the aircraft while the rest will remain constant. env: environment variables (atmospheric values, wind and gravity). tas: true airspeed [m/s]. pos: position of the aircraft. psi: heading of the aircraft [rad]. gamma: aerodynamic rate of climb of the aircraft [rad]. turn_rate: heading rate of change [rad/s].


ac: trimmed aircraft. aerostate: trimmed aerostate. state: trimmed state. env: environment. fcs: trimmed FCS.


See section 2.5 in [1] for the definition of steady-state flight condition. See section 3.4 in [1] for the algorithm description.

  • [1] Stevens, B. L., Lewis, F. L., (1992). Aircraft control and simulation:

dynamics, controls design, and autonomous systems. John Wiley & Sons. (page 41, formula 1.4-23)