Flight Mechanics in Julia.


This is a suite for Flight Mechanics written in Julia. The purpose of this package is to supply efficient and validated Julia implementations of common Flight Mechanics calculations.

At the moment, it covers:

  • International Standard Atmosphere.
  • Transformations between common coordinate systems in Flight Mechanics problems (body, horizon, wind, ECEF) supporting Euler angles and quaternions.
  • Kinematics & Dynamics:
    • Rigid solid velocity and acceleration fields.
    • Angular kinematic equations.
    • Steiner theorem:to determine the moment of inertia of a rigid body about any axis.
    • Trimmer constrains for leveled flight, climbs and turns.
  • Anemometric functions (tas, cas, eas, dynamic pressure).
  • ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) <–-> LLH (Latitude Longitude Height) conversions.


Last release:

pkg> add FlightMechanicsUtils

Dev version:

pkg> dev FlightMechanicsUtils

Run tests:

pkg> test FlightMechanicsUtils

What's new



  • Ellipsoid type with some common ellipsoids such as WGS84.
  • Transformation (ecef2llh) from ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) to LLH (latitude, longitude, height) and viceversa (llh2ecef) given the reference ellipsoid.
  • Rotation (horizon2ecef) from local horizon to ECEF axis and vicecersa (ecef2horizon).



Initial release.