Focused Blind Deconvolution (FBD)

  title={Focused blind deconvolution},
  author={Bharadwaj, Pawan and Demanet, Laurent and Fournier, Aim{\'e}},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.00166},

A multi-channel blind deconvolution (BD) example is here. Choose the length of the Green's functions, source signal and data vectors:

ntg=20 # length of Green's functions
nr=40 # number of receivers
tfact=80 # 
nt = ntg*tfact # length of data

Then, we create some toy Green's functions:

gobs=randn(ntg, nr)

Allocation of memory necessary to perform BD

bdpa=FocusedBlindDecon.BD(ntg, nt, nr, gobs=gobs, sobs=sobs);