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License License: MIT


Fortuna.jl is a general-purpose Julia package for structural and system reliability analysis.


To install Fortuna.jl package, type ] in Julia REPL to enter the built-in Julia package manager and execute the following command:

pkg> add Fortuna


Fortuna.jl package is distributed under the MIT license. More information can be found in the LICENSE.md file.

Help and Support

For assistance with the package, please raise an issue on the Github Issues page. Please use the appropriate labels to indicate the specific functionality you are inquiring about. Alternatively, contact the author directly at AkchurinDA@gmail.com.


The author thanks the academic and industrial partners of the “Reliability 2030” initiative for their financial support.


The following functionality is planned to be added:

  • Sampling techniques
    • Inverse transform sampling
    • Latin hypercube sampling
  • Isoprobabilistic transformations
    • Nataf transformation
  • Reliability analysis
    • Monte Carlo methods
      • Direct Monte Carlo simulations
      • Importance sampling method
    • First-order reliability methods
      • Mean-centered first-order second-moment method
      • Rackwitz-Fiessler method
      • Hasofer-Lind Rackwitz-Fiessler method
      • Improved Hasofer-Lind Rackwitz-Fiessler method
    • Second-order reliability methods
      • Curve-fitting method
      • Point-fitting method
    • Subset simulation method
  • Inverse reliability analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
    • w.r.t. parameters of limit state functions
    • w.r.t. parameters and moments of random vectors
  • Limit state functions defined using
    • "Internal" FE models
    • "External" FE models
    • Surrogate models