FoundationDB Julia Client

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The current implementation covers all of the C-APIs, and provides an easy to use Julia API layer over it for simple key-value pairs.

The Julia APIs are quite easy to follow, with this example:

using FoundationDB

open(FDBCluster()) do cluster                        # Read cluster configuration
    open(FDBDatabase(cluster)) do db                 # Open the database
        key = UInt8[0,1,2]                           # This is a key, and ...
        val = UInt8[9, 9, 9]                         # this is a value. Both are byte arrays.
        open(FDBTransaction(db)) do tran             # Start a transaction
            @test clearkey(tran, key) == nothing     # Delete a key if present
            @test getval(tran, key) == nothing       # Get value for a key (nothing if not present)
            @test setval(tran, key, val) == nothing  # Set value for a key
            @test getval(tran, key) == val           # We get the value, once it has been set
            @test commit(tran)                       # Commit changes we made in our snapshot
            @test_throws FDBError commit(tran)       # We can only commit once.

        open(FDBTransaction(db)) do tran             # Open a new transaction 
            @test clearkey(tran, key) == nothing     # Delete a key
            @test getval(tran, key) == nothing
        end                                          # Transactions are auto-committed by default!
                                                     # And also retried automatically when possible

        open(FDBTransaction(db)) do tran             # Need a transaction even for read operation
            @test getval(tran, key) == nothing
        end                                          # Reads don't have to be committed

Note: The Julia implementation makes use of Julia threading APIs. Make sure you have enabled threading and have at least two threads configured for Julia. E.g.:

$> julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.test("FoundationDB")'