SetParams(min_coord, max_coord, resolution, threshold, nr_frames[, gpu])

- `min_coord::ComplexF64`: The coordinate of the bottom-left of the image frame.
- `max_coord::ComplexF64`: The coordinate of the top-right of the image frame. 
- `resolution::Int64`: The number of pixels in a 1x1 square in the complex plane
- `width::Int64`: The width of the image frame
- `height::Int64`: The height of the image frame 
- `plane::Union{Matrix{Complex{Float64}},CuArray{Complex{Float32}}}`: A `min_coord × max_coord` coordinate grid of the complex plane. 
- `threshold::Float64`: The distance from which we consider a point to have diverged
- `nr_frames::Int64`: The number of images to generate for a progression
- `gpu::Bool`: Whether to use the GPU
escapeeval(f, threshold[, c, z, maxiter])

Evaluate the divergence speed for a given function of z,c in the complex plane. 
For julia and fatou sets pass the whole complex plane as z
For mandelbrot-esque sets pass the whole complex plane as c
juliaset(set_p, f, c[, maxiter])

Return an array of the Julia set for function `f` around point `c`
mandelbrotset(set_p, f[ z, maxiter])

Return an array of the Mandelbrot-esque set for function `f` given initial value `z`

Return a new SetParams sruct allocated on the GPU
This is a convenience method only! 
For initial construction pass `true` to the `gpu` feild of `SetParams`.