Symbolic Fractional Differentiation

With the help of SymbolicUtils.jl and Symbolics.jl, FractionalCalculus.jl can compute symbolic fractional differentiation and integral now!

First we need to import FractionalCalculus.jl and SymbolicUtils.jl to our workspace:

julia> using FractionalCalculus, SymbolicUtils
julia> @syms x

Then, use semidiff function to compute symbolic fractional differentiation:

julia> semidiff(log(x))
log(4x) / sqrt(πx)

julia> semidiff(exp(x))
exp(x)*SpecialFunctions.erf(sqrt(x)) + 1 / sqrt(πx)

julia> semidiff(erf(x))
exp(-0.5x)*SpecialFunctions.besseli(0, 0.5x)