Hello there👋!

FractionalSystems.jl is a Julia package aiming at providing support for fractional order system analysis.


To install FractionalCalculus, please open Julia REPL and press ] key to use package mode and then type the following command:

pkg> add FractionalSystems

Or if you want to experience the latest version of FractionalSystems.jl:

pkg> add FractionalSystems#master


Why we create the FractionalSystems.jl?

  • The current Fractional computing packages are encoded using Matlab and has not been updated for quite a long time

  • There are many good algorithms and valuable designs out there in papers have not been implemented so far

  • We admire the features and performance of the Julia language

  • We need the help of the existing fractional computing relating packages(Also maintained by SciFracX community)


You can also use this docs as a resources for learning fractional order mathematics.


FractionalSystems.jl is evolved from FOMCON and FOTF, which are Matlab toolboxs used for fractional order modeling and computing in Matlab. In the future, we plan to integrate all the current fractional order modeling toolboxs, such as Ninteger toolbox, CRONE toolbox and with the help of Julia, build a performant and feature rich toolbox.


FractionalSystems.jl is under heavy construction, some API or docs might change a lot.