Specialized code for automatic numbering by abuse of the biblabel function.

  • Given an input of form \fakebiblable{@ Legible Name}, this returns the string "Legible Name"
  • Given an input of form \fakebiblabel{goob @ Legible Name}, this runs \biblabel{goob}{Legible Name}, so that Franklin's referencing system keeps track of goob as a name that points to "Legible Name", and the function returns the string "goob".

This @ symbol approach is a hack to allow a single optional input variable to the function. The @ symbol was chosen because of its relevance to LaTeX.

Further, the string "Legible Name" is always parsed by Franklin, which has two notable consequences

  1. Other lx_functions like \arabic{counter} can be used in the full name
  2. Markdown syntaxing like _italics_ will be parsed into <em>italics<em>, which breaks the references

So, while Legible Name can reference counters, it should not have any markdown styling.