download(country; version="4.1")

Downloads data for country using DataDeps.jl and returns path. The data is provided by the API of the GADM project. It is possible to choose the API version by passing it to the version keyword argument as string. The available API versions are: 4.1 (default), 4.0, 3.6 and 2.8.

filterlayer(data, qkeys, qvalues)

Filter layer's rows that satisfies the query params qkeys and qvalues.

get(country, subregions...; depth=0, version="4.1")

Returns a Tables.jl columntable for the requested region Geometry of the region(s) can be accessed with the key geom The geometries are GeoInterface compliant Polygons/MultiPolygons.

  1. country: ISO 3166 Alpha 3 country code
  2. subregions: Full official names in hierarchial order (provinces, districts, etc.)
  3. depth: Number of levels below the last subregion to search, default = 0


# columntable of size 1, data of India's borders
data = get("IND")
# columntable of all states and union territories inside India
data = get("IND"; depth=1)
# columntable of all districts inside Uttar Pradesh
data = get("IND", "Uttar Pradesh"; depth=1)
getdataset(country; version="4.1")

Downloads and extracts dataset of the given country code

getlayer(data, level)

Get layer of the desired level from the data.


Tells whether or not str is a valid ISO 3166 Alpha 3 country code. Valid code examples are "IND", "USA", "BRA".