A Julia Interface to GALAHAD

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GALAHAD.jl can be installed and tested through the Julia package manager:

julia> ]
pkg> dev /path/to/GALAHAD.jl
pkg> test GALAHAD

If you launch Julia from within the folder GALAHAD.jl, you can directly run pkg> dev ..

Custom shared libraries

GALAHAD is already precompiled with Yggdrasil for all platforms. The Julia package GALAHAD_jll.jl is a dependency of GALAHAD.jl and handles the automatic download of a precompiled version of GALAHAD for you.

To facilitate testing of new features by GALAHAD developers or enable advanced users to utilize commercial linear solvers like PARDISO or WSMP, it is also possible to bypass reliance on precompiled shared libraries.

To use your own installation of GALAHAD, set the environment variable JULIA_GALAHAD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the folder that contains the shared libraries libgalahad_single and libgalahad_double before using GALAHAD.

export JULIA_GALAHAD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/alexis/Applications/GALAHAD/lib

The JULIA_GALAHAD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable may be set permanently in the shell's startup file, or in $HOME/.julia/config/startup.jl.


Documentation is available online from https://ralna.github.io/galahad_docs/html/Julia.