Function to create a pure GLFW OpenGL window

CreateWindowSurface(instance, window, allocator=C_NULL)

Create a Vulkan surface for the specified window.

GetInstanceProcAddress(instance, procname) -> funcptr

Return the address of the specified Vulkan core or extension function for the specified instance. funcptr can be used directly as the first argument of ccall: ccall(funcptr, ...).

GetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport(instance, device, queuefamily)

Return whether the specified queue family of the specified physical device supports presentation to the platform GLFW was built for.

GetRequiredInstanceExtensions(count::Ref) -> Ptr{Cstring}

Return a Cstring pointer that can be directly passed to VkInstanceCreateInfo.

GLFW.SetWindowIcon(window::Window, image::Matrix{NTuple{4, UInt8}})

GLFW.SetWindowIcon(window::Window, images::Vector{<:AbstractMatrix{NTuple{4,UInt8}}})

Set the window icon, where a single image may be passed or a vector of images with different icon sizes. The images must be of RGBA format. Before calling this function it might be necessary to reinterpret the image as a matrix of element type NTuple{4, UInt8} if the icons are loaded with type RGBA{N0f8}


using FileIO
icons = load.(["icon-16.png", "icon-32.png", "icon-128.png"])
buffs = reinterpret.(NTuple{4, UInt8}, icons)
GLFW.SetWindowIcon(win, buffs)
GLFW.PollEvents() # needs a poll events to become active

Sets visibility of OpenGL window. Will still render if not visible. Only applies to the root screen holding the opengl context.


Standard window hints for creating a plain context without any multisampling or extra buffers beside the color buffer