The Gridded Binary (GRIB) format is a format commonly used in meteorology. A GRIB file is a collection of independent records that store 2D data. This package is an interface to the ECMWF ecCodes library. In ecCodes, each GRIB file is composed of a series of messages, and a message is an object with keys and values. Each message has many keys. Some are actually stored in the data, while others are computed by ecCodes on access. Some commonly used keys include:

namelong name of the quantity
shortNamestandard abbreviation of name
latitudesarray of latitudes
longitudesarray of longitudes
valuesarray of data values
unitsunits of quantity
datedate in YYYYmmdd format
typeOfLevelkind of vertical level
levelvalue of vertical level

Manual Outline

Other notes

This package has support for multi-field messages on by default. If you are not working with files with multi-field messages, you may turn off support with a call to the function nomultisupport.