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It is important to note that almost every method in the package has documentation, to know what it does simply use ?<method> in the terminal.

julia> using IterativeSolvers

help?> IterativeSolvers.Adivtype
  Adivtype(A, b)

  Determine type of the division of an element of b against an element of A:


Setting workspace up

Julia's internal package manager makes it easy to install and modify packages from Github. Any package hosted on Github can be installed via Pkg.clone by providing the repository's URL, so installing a fork on your system is a simple task.


It is to note here if you have the original package installed the fork will replace it, this is not a problem.

Now find your fork's location.


Once there you will notice you are on the master branch, whenever a package is imported Julia will use the code in the current branch, this means checking out other git branches will let you use/test whatever there is.

Adding or modifying iterative methods

Each iterative method method must log information using the inner ConvergenceHistory type.

There are two types of ConvergenceHistory: plain and restarted. The only real difference between the two is how they are plotted and how the number of restarts is calculated, everything else is the same.

Before logging information space must always be reserved.

log = ConvergenceHistory()
log[:tol] = tol
reserve!(log,:betas, maxiter) # Vector of length maxiter
reserve!(log,:conv, maxiter, T=BitArray) # Vector of length maxiter
reserve!(log,:ritz, maxiter, k) # Matrix of size (maxiter, k)

To store information at each iteration use push!.

push!(log, :conv, conv)
push!(log, :ritz, F[:S][1:k])
push!(log, :betas, L.β)

To advance the log index to the next iteration use nextiter!.


A more detailed explanation of all the functions is in both the public and internal documentation of ConvergenceHistory.

The most rich example of the usage of ConvergenceHistory is in svdl.