What is Lathe?

Lathe.jl is an all-in-one package for predictive modeling in Julia. It comes packaged with a Stats Library, Preprocessing Tools, Distributions, Machine-Learning Models, and Model Validation. Lathe features easy object-oriented programming methodologies using Julia's dispatch.

Adding Lathe

Lathe can be added using Pkg.

julia> using Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("Lathe")
   Resolving package versions...
    Updating `~/.julia/packages/Lathe/JIXAl/doc/Project.toml`
  [38d8eb38] ~ Lathe v0.1.8 `~/.julia/packages/Lathe/JIXAl` ⇒ v0.1.8
    Updating `~/.julia/packages/Lathe/JIXAl/doc/Manifest.toml`
  [38d8eb38] ~ Lathe v0.1.8 `~/.julia/packages/Lathe/JIXAl` ⇒ v0.1.8

Git Repo

Lathe can also be added directly from the Github repo.

julia> ]
pkg> add https://github.com/emmettgb/Lathe.jl/


If you desire, you can also add the unstable branch from Lathe's Github repo. This will provide the advantage of newer features, but the module may be unstable

 julia> ]
 pkg> add Lathe #Unstable


Starting with the release of Lathe Butterball (0.1.0), you can add any version of Lathe.

julia> ]
pkg> add Lathe#0.1.0
pkg> add Lathe#0.1.1

You can also add the final release of a specific version of Lathe using version names.

julia> ]
pkg> add Lathe#Butterball