Connecting your IDE to JuliaHub


JuliaPro version v1.5.1-1 or later is required to access this functionality. Download from JuliaHub itself (after logging in) or from JuliaComputing's site.

VS Code

Make sure you've got the main Julia plugin installed from the VSCode marketplace as discussed in the vscode Julia extension documentation.

Next, install the JuliaHub plugin from the VSCode marketplace. Once installed, use the "show JuliaHub" command to open the JuliaHub pane.

The JuliaHub plugin uses the package server setting from the Julia plugin. You'll need to set this to

juliahub package setting

Submitting jobs

In both JuliaPro and VS Code, the plugin works similarly; design the cluster just like you do on the JuliaHub website and then submit the job. By selecting the file to run, the plugin will automatically detect the active environment, choose the Project, Manifest, and Artifact toml files appropriately, and bundle all code for remote deployment.