Maze Solver

Consider a scenario where a walker agent is stuck in a maze. Finding the shortest path through an arbitrary maze or map is simulated using a Pathfinding.AStar and its walkmap map property.


using Agents, Agents.Pathfinding
using FileIO # To load images you also need ImageMagick available to your project

The Walker agent needs no special property, just the id and position from @agent.

@agent struct Walker(GridAgent{2}) end

The maze is stored as a simple .bmp image, where each pixel corresponds to a position on the grid. White pixels correspond to walkable regions of the maze.

function initialize_model(maze_map)
    # Load the maze from the image file. White values can be identified by a
    # non-zero red component
    maze = BitArray(map(x -> x.r > 0, maze_map))
    # The size of the space is the size of the maze
    space = GridSpace(size(maze); periodic = false)
    # Create a pathfinder using the AStar algorithm by providing the space and specifying
    # the `walkmap` parameter for the pathfinder.
    # Since we are interested in the most direct path to the end, the default
    # `DirectDistance` is appropriate.
    # `diagonal_movement` is set to false to prevent cutting corners by going along
    # diagonals.
    pathfinder = AStar(space; walkmap=maze, diagonal_movement=false)
    model = StandardABM(Walker, space; agent_step!)
    # Place a walker at the start of the maze
    add_agent!((1, 4), model)
    # The walker's movement target is the end of the maze.
    plan_route!(model[1], (41, 32), pathfinder)

    return model, pathfinder
initialize_model (generic function with 1 method)


Stepping the agent is a trivial matter of calling move_along_route! to move it along it's path to the target.

agent_step!(agent, model) = move_along_route!(agent, model, pathfinder)

# Our sample walkmap
map_url =
    "" *
maze_map = load(download(map_url));
model, pathfinder = initialize_model(maze_map)
(StandardABM with 1 agents of type Walker
 agents container: Dict
 space: GridSpace with size (41, 41), metric=chebyshev, periodic=false
 scheduler: fastest, A* in 2 dimensions, orthogonal, ϵ=0.0, metric=DirectDistance)


Visualizing the Walker move through the maze is handled through InteractiveDynamics.abmplot.

using CairoMakie

The heatarray keyword argument allows plotting the maze as a heatmap behind the agent.

    figurekwargs = (size =(700,700),),
    heatarray = _ -> pathfinder.walkmap,
    add_colorbar = false,