Creating a New Package

This is a summary of the instructions in the Julia Pkg manual.

  1. Create a new repository on GitHub: Follow the Julia package naming conventions. All julia package repos should have ".jl" at the end. Do NOT initialize the repo with a README or license at this point.

    New Repo

  2. After creating the repo you should see a screen that looks like the one below. Copy the repo URL.

    Blank Repo

  3. In your terminal on your computer, launch Julia. Generate the package files using the package manager:

     ] generate Algames

    This will generate the Project.toml and a src/Algames.jl files.

  4. Create a Use whatever editor you prefer.

  5. Create a git repo, add the remote, and push changes. These instructions are also found in the previous image.

     cd Algames
     git init
     git add -A
     git commit -m "first commit"
     git remote add origin
     git push -u origin master
  6. (optional) Delete local files and add to Julia dev folder

     cd ..
     rm -rf Algames

    Run Julia from your terminal and dev the package:

     ] dev

    Alternatively, you can link to your local repository if you didn't delete it:

     ] dev /path/to/local/repo/Algames