AllanDeviations.jl is a package for the Julia programming language.

It provides fast frequency and phase stability deviations/variances for different purposes and timescales in a unified API (API guide) and plain Julia without any dependencies.

It was build and tested against Julia v1 and should be therefore upwards compatible for a long time.

Implemented Deviations/Functions

Allan deviation

Modified Allan deviation

Hadamard deviation

Time deviation

Total deviation

Maximum time interval error

Example Calculation

This is an example plot of some AllanDeviations.jl calculations of a Potassium-D2-Frequency beat note from two reference lasers. Potassium D2


The main algorithms where implemented with the help of a C Reference implementations from leapsecond.com and the main Literature from NIST - Riley, William J. "Handbook of frequency stability analysis." (2008): 81.. The Python package allantools was used as reference test implementation to verify the results against.