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Part of the BottomHoleAssemblyAnalysis Github organizatioin.

This Github organization will contain a set of packages/projects related to the analysis of Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA).

BHAPtfem.jl is current;y mainly used to check partial results of BHAtp.jl.


The general flow of a BHAPtfem run is:

  1. Define inputs:

1.1 BHA segments 1.2 Planned trajectory or observed survey 1.3 WOB range 1.4 Inclination range 1.5 Updates to defaults, e.g. medium=:lightmud

  1. Setup problem definition

2.1 Create the segment dataframe 2.2 Create the element dataframe 2.3 Create the FEM structure definitions

  1. Solve for the requested WOBs and inclination