Getting started with BioEnergeticFoodWebs

Installing julia

The recommended way to install Julia is from the [JuliaLang][jll] website. Most GNU/Linux distributions have a package named julia, and there are [platform-specific][pfsi] instructions if needs be.

[jll]: "JuliaLang download page" [pfsi]: "Platform-specific installation instructions"

There are further specific instructions to install a Julia kernel in Jupyter on the IJulia page.

Installing BioEnergeticFoodWebs

The current version can be installed by typing the following line into Julia (which is usually started from the command line):

import Pkg

The version of BioEnergeticFoodWebs that will be installed depends on your version of julia. By default, the current version always works on the current released version of julia; but we make no guarantee that it will work on the previous version, or the one currently in development.

The package can be loaded with

using BioEnergeticFoodWebs

Keeping up to date

If you have already installed the package, you can check for updates with


Citing the package

The package itself can be cited as


Timothée Poisot, Eva Delmas, Viral B. Shah, Tony Kelman, & Tom clegg. (2017). PoisotLab/BioEnergeticFoodWebs.jl: v0.3.1 [Data set]. Zenodo.

If you want to also cite the software note describing the relase of v0.2.0, you can cite


Eva Delmas, Ulrich Brose, Dominique Gravel, Daniel Stouffer, Timothée Poisot. (2016). Simulations of biomass dynamics in community food webs. Methods col Evol.