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Bloqade is a package developed for quantum computation and quantum simulation based on the neutral-atom architecture with the ability to submit tasks to QuEra's Aquila quantum processor. Please refer to the documentation page to learn more about Bloqade.

Bloqade is currently under public release beta. High-level APIs are stable, but please expect some further exploration and rough edges.


Bloqade is a   Julia Language   package. To install Bloqade, please open Julia's interactive session (known as REPL) and press ] key in the REPL to use the package mode, and then type the following command:

For stable release:

pkg> add Bloqade

For current master:

pkg> add Bloqade#master


You can join QuEra's Slack workspace with this link. Join the #bloqade channel to discuss anything related to Bloqade.

🚀 Bloqade SDK for Python 🚀

While you're checking out this version of Bloqade, we encourage you to also give Bloqade for Python a spin, currently in the Alpha phase of development. Check the documentation to get started. We are in active development of this new package so we appreciate feedback during the Alpha phase.

What About Bloqade.jl?

Bloqade.jl will not go away any time soon because of Bloqade for Python's existence. In fact, plans are underway to allow Bloqade.jl to become a high-performance emulator that the Python version of Bloqade can interface to, giving you unparalleled emulation power to test your ideas on top of a syntax designed to make designing programs for neutral atom hardware easier than ever.


If you use Bloqade for a publication, we would kindly ask you to cite our work using the following bibtex citation:

  url = {},
  title = {Bloqade.jl: {P}ackage for the quantum computation and quantum simulation based on the neutral-atom architecture.},
  year = {2023}


Apache License 2.0