Julia package for browsing tables that that implement the Tables.jl interface, as HTML.


The package is registered, install with

pkg> add BrowseTables


using BrowseTables, Tables
# make example table, but any table that supports Tables.jl will work
table = Tables.columntable(collect(i == 5 ? (a = missing, b = "string", c = nothing) :
                                   (a = i, b = Float64(i), c = 'a'-1+i) for i in 1:10))
open_html_table(table) # open in browser
HTMLTable(table) # show HTML table using Julia's display system

The package exports four symbols:

  1. write_html_table writes a table to a HTML file,
  2. open_html_table writes the table and opens it in a browser using DefaultApplication.jl,
  3. TableOptions can be used to customize table appearance and HTML options for the above two functions.
  4. HTMLTable displays an HTML table using Julia's display system. It needs a display supporting HTML output (e.g., IJulia.jl).

Please read the docstrings for further information. That said, the primary design principle of this package is that it should “just work”, without further tweaking.

How it looks

The above table renders as