HTMLTable(table; title, caption, options)

Wrap table in an object that is showable as text/html in Julia's display system. This is analogous to Base.Docs.HTML.

See write_html_table for how keyword arguments are interpreted.

open_html_table(table; filename, kwargs...)

Write table to filename (temporary file is generated by default), then open it using the default application (hopefully a browser). Keyword arguments are passed on to write_html_table.

write_html_table(io, table; title, caption, options)

Write a HTML representation of table to io. A file path (string) may be given instead of an io.

title and caption determine respective parts of the table. They will be escaped.

options can be used to specify table options, such as CSS.


Content (written using write_html) and HTML attributes. HTML tag is specified by caller of write_html.

struct RawHTML{S<:String}

Wrapper for emitting contents which are already formatted as HTML.

make_cell(?, x)

Convert argument to Cell, which will be written using write_html.

write_html(io, object)

Write the second argument to io using its HTML representation. This is used for formatting string-like objectsinside cells, captions, etc, extend accordingly for custom types. Defaults to whatever is emitted by string.

Extend make_cell for higher-level formatting using CSS.

write_schema(io, tag, ?)

Write the schema returned by Tables.schema (for rows) to io, wrapped by tag.

write_tags(f, io, tag; bropen, brclose, attributes)

Write tags <tag> and </tag> to io before and after a call to f(io).

attributes are emitted in the opening tag. bropen and brclose determine if a newlines are emitted after the opening and closing tags, respectively.