This is a simple Tables-interface to use the CBS odata3 portal to download all CBS-datasets.

How to use it

If you know the exact dataset, you can directly use it:

using DataFrames, CBSOData3

df = DataFrame(CBSOData3.ODataTable("82811NED"))

You can use the keyword argument columns to give a list of column names to select (case sensitive). And you can use filter to give a filter expression for the rows (as a String) using the Odata3 rules.

For a given table you can get information about the columns in the dataset and about the used classifications by using get_meta:

df_meta = CBSOData3.get_meta("82811NED")

This gives a dict with DataProperties and the classifications.

Using get_tables you can get a list of dicts of all available tables. The Identifier can then be used to get the actual data.