Compile Binaries

Broader Julia ecosystem work on compiling shared libraries and images is hosted by PackageCompiler.jl, see documentation there.


A default RoME system image script can be used compileRoME/compileRoMESysimage.jl to reduce the "time-to-first-plot".

To use RoME with the newly created sysimage, start julia with:

julia -O3 -J ~/.julia/dev/RoME/compileRoME/

Which should dramatically cut down on the load time of the included package JIT compilation. More packages or functions can be added to the binary, depending on the application. Furthermore, full executable binaries can easily be made with PackageCompiler.jl.

More Info


Also see this Julia Binaries Blog. More on discourse.. Also see new brute force sysimg work at Fezzik.jl.


Contents of a previous blog post this AOT vs JIT compiling blog post has been wrapped into PackageCompiler.jl.