Provided Data & Personal Data Setup


  • Timestep (input data) - h
  • Power - MW
  • Energy - MWh
  • Length - km
  • Weight - kg

Provided Data

The package provides data for:

GER-11 – germany as single nodenone2006-2016Pv, wind, coal, oil, gas, bat-e, bat-in, bat-out, h2-e, h2-in, h2-out, trans
GER-1818 – dena-zones within germany492006-2016Pv, wind, coal, oil, gas, bat-e, bat-in, bat-out, h2-e, h2-in, h2-out, trans
CA-11 - california as single nodenone2014-2017Pv, wind, coal, oil, gas, bat-e, bat-in, bat-out, h2-e, h2-in, h2-out, trans
CA-1414 – multiple nodes within CA (no installed capacities currently)232014-2017Pv, wind, coal, oil, gas, bat-e, bat-in, bat-out, h2-e, h2-in, h2-out, trans
TX-11 – single node within Texasnone2008Pv, wind, coal, nuc, gas, bat-e, bat-in, bat-out

Personal Data Setup

Folder Structure

  • costs.csv
  • nodes.csv
  • techs.yml
  • lines.csv - optional
  • TS - subfolder containing time-series-data
  • [timeseries name].csv

Time Series data

[some iterator]relative value of installed capacity for renewables or absolute values for demand or so



The different LCA-impact category columns define the impact-set. The different years within the column year define the year-set.

techyearaccount[currency][LCA-Impact categories...]
[tech]year of this pricecap or fix or varCost per unit Power(MW) or Energy (MWh)Emissions per unit Power(MW) or Energy (MWh)...



The different nodes within the column node define the node-set

[node...]region of this nodeex - existing or lim - limiting capacityLatitude in °Longitude in °installed capacity of each tech at this node in MW or MWh



The technologies within the group techs define the tech-set


The currently supported technology-groups are

  • demand: For example the electricity demand
  • non_dispatchable_generation: For generation technologies like, e.g. PV, wind
  • dispatchable_generation: For generation technologies like gas
  • storage: A technology that stores, e.g. electricity or hydrogen
  • conversion: A technology that converts from one carrier to another
  • transmission: For transmission technologies that have no capacity (CAP) per node, but capacities (TRANS) per line

The implementation of storage typically needs the conversion from one carrier like electricity to another carrier like hydrogen. The integration of a carrier technology allows more complex energy systems. A single storage technology like hydrogen can be connected with one technology that converts electricity to hydrogen and another technology that runs solar-powered electrolysis.

techs.yml needs to have the following structure:

  • tech_groups: defines parent groups for techs or other tech_groups
  • techs: defines the technologies, the elements are used to declare the dimension tech

We allow technologies to have parents to reduce unnecessary and mistake, enabling repetitions within the techs.yml-file. The information of the single techs is combined with the information provided from their parent techgroups. One technology can have multiple techgroups, if the parent has a parent. The combined information must contain:

  • name: A detailed description of the technology
  • tech_group: a technology-group that the technology belongs to. Groups can be: demand, generation, dispatchable_generation, non_dispatchable_generation, storage, conversion, transmission
  • plant_lifetime: the physical expected lifetime of this technologies plant [a]
  • financial_lifetime: financial time to break even [a]
  • discount_rate: discount rate for technology [a]
  • structure: node or line depending on the structure of the technology
  • unit: the unit that the capacity of the technology scales with. It can be power[MW] or energy[MWh]
  • input: the input can be a carrier like e.g. electricity, a timeseries like e.g. timeseries: demand_electricity, or a fuel like, e.g. fuel: gas

The information can contain:

  • constraints: like an efficiency like e.g. efficiency: 0.53 or cap_eq (e.g. discharge capacity is same as charge capacity) cap_eq: bat_in



The different lines within the column line define the line-set


Each node_start and node_end has to be a node in the file nodes.csv.

[line...]node - line startsnode - line endsreactanceresistanceexisting capacity in MWcapacity limit in MWvoltage or descriptionnumber of circuits includedlength in km