This documents notable changes in Clang.jl. The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

[v0.18.2] - 2024-04-20


  • Add an option generate_isystem_symbols for ignoring all symbols in the -isystem headers ([#485]).

[v0.18.1] - 2024-04-09


  • Improved support for the internal changes in Clang 16 (8652cd4).

[v0.18.0] - 2024-04-08


  • Doxygens @deprecated and @bug commands will now be translated to !!! compat and !!! danger admonitions, respectively ([#460], [#463]).
  • Initial support for non-field struct children ([#479]).
  • Experimental support has been added for a few C++-isms ([#432], [#435]).
  • CXFile and unique_id support ([#424])


  • Renamed the 'Parameters' docstring section to 'Arguments' ([#466]).
  • Generated unsafe_convert() methods now specify RefValue instead of Ref to avoid method ambiguities ([#474]).


  • Fixed compatibility with Julia 1.11 and Clang 16 ([#465]).
  • Updated the compiler shards we use, which should fix artifact issues on Windows ([#480]).


  • The callback_documentation callback will be called whenever it is set, and any docstring parsed from the headers will be passed to it ([#458], [#462]). The signature of the callback changed from f(node::ExprNode) to f(node::ExprNode, doc::Vector{String}).