Private types and functions

Documentation for ClimaSeaIce.jl's internal interfaces.


               slope = 0.054, # psu / ᵒC
               freshwater_melting_temperature = 0) # ᵒC

Return a linear model for the dependence of the melting temperature of saltwater on salinity,

\[Tₘ(S) = T₀ - m S ,\]

where $Tₘ(S)$ is the melting temperature as a function of salinity $S$, $T₀$ is the melting temperature of freshwater, and $m$ is the ratio between the melting temperature and salinity (in other words the linear model should be thought of as defining $m$ and could be written $m ≡ (T₀ - Tₘ) / S$. The signs are arranged so that $m > 0$ for saltwater).

The defaults assume that salinity is given in practical salinity units psu and temperature is in degrees Celsius.

Note: the function melting_temperature(liquidus, salinity) returns the melting temperature given salinity.