Using GeoRegions.jl in ClimateSatellite.jl

ClimateSatellite.jl uses GeoRegions.jl in order to specify regions for extraction during download and analysis. This aids greatly in helping to save computer memory, especially for datasets with both high spatial and temporal resolution (e.g. GPM IMERGv6).

What follows here is a quick overview of the functionalities of GeoRegions.jl in the context of ClimateSatellite.jl. This page goes through the following:

  1. A brief introduction of GeoRegions.jl
  2. How to specify GeoRegions in ClimateSatellite.jl
More information on `GeoRegions.jl`

More information on GeoRegions.jl can be found in the full documentation, which is available here:

Brief Introduction fo GeoRegions.jl