Clinical trial related calculation: descriptive statistics, power and sample size calculation, power simulations, confidence interval, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics parameters calculation.

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The package is designed to perform calculations related to the planning and analysis of the results of clinical trials. The package includes the basic functions described below, as well as a few modules to perform specific calculations.


using Pkg; Pkg.add("ClinicalTrialUtilities");


NB! Hypothesis types:

When ctpower/ctsamplen used:

  • :ea - Equality: two-sided hypothesis;
  • :ei - Equivalencens: two one-sided hypothesis;
  • :ns - Non-Inferiority / Superiority: one-sided hypothesis, for some cases you should use two-sided hypothesis for Non-Inferiority/Superiority, you can use alpha/2 for this;

Invalidated version v0.3.0 (removed from release page)

Wrong Equivalence Hypothesis alpha level! Use 0.2.7, 0.3.1 version or higher.



Clinical Trial Utilities

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If you want to check and get R code for power/sample size estimation, you can find examples here: