mutable struct Mechanism{T, Nn, Ne, Nb, Nf, Ni} <: ConstrainedDynamics.AbstractMechanism{T, Nn, Ne, Nb, Nf, Ni}

A Mechanism contains the Origin, Bodys, and EqualityConstraints of a system and can be used for simulation.

Important attributes

  • origin: The origin of a mechanism.
  • bodies: The bodies of a mechanism (Dict).
  • eqconstraints: The equality constraints (joints) of a mechanism (Dict).
  • Δt: The time step of the mechanism.
  • g: The gravitational acceleration in z-direction.


Mechanism(origin, bodies; Δt, g)
Mechanism(origin, bodies, eqcs; Δt, g)
Mechanism(urdf_filename; floating, Δt, g)