<dataroot>/: Root data directory.

data/: Macroeconomic input data series.

cond/: Conditional data, i.e.


user/: User-created or sample model input files.

<saveroot>/: Root save directory.


m990/: Input/output files for the Model990 type. A model of type SPEC will create its own save directory SPEC/ at this level in the directory tree.

ss0/: Subdirectory for subspec 0. A model of a different subspec will have similar directories at this level of the tree.


figures/: Plots and other figures
tables/: LaTeX tables
raw/: Raw output data from estimation step
work/: Derived data files created using raw/ files as input

[xxx/]: Other model outputs, such as forecasts, impulse response functions, and shock decompositions; subdirectory structure mirrors that of estimate.