A DashTextareaAutocomplete component. DashTextareaAutocomplete

Simple @webscopeio/react-textarea-autocomplete wrapper for Dash enabling auto-completion in multi-line <textarea> elements. Keyword arguments:

  • id (String; optional): The ID used to identify this component in Dash callbacks.
  • className (String; optional): Class names of the <textarea> (from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • containerClassName (String; optional): Class names of the textarea container (from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • containerStyle (Dict; optional): Styles of the textarea container (from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • dropdownStyle (Dict; optional): Styles of the dropdown wrapper.
  • itemStyle (Dict; optional): Styles of the items wrapper.
  • listStyle (Dict; optional): Style of the list wrapper (from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • loaderStyle (Dict; optional): Style of the loader wrapper (from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • minChar (Real; optional): Number of characters that user should type for trigger a suggestion.

Defaults to 1. (from react-textarea-autocomplete)

  • placeholder (String; optional): Provides a hint to the user of what can be entered in the <textarea> field.
  • style (Dict; optional): Style of the <textarea>.(from react-textarea-autocomplete).
  • triggerChar (String; optional): Character that triggers auto-completion machinery.

Defaults to :. (from react-textarea-autocomplete)

  • value (String; optional): The value displayed in the <textarea>.
  • wordList (Array; required): List of string available for auto-completion.