This is the documentation page for DiffusionGarnet.jl, a high-level Julia package to do coupled diffusion modelling of major elements on real garnet data. It currently supports 1D, spherical, 2D and 3D coordinates for evenly spaced data.

It is built on top of the DifferentialEquations.jl package ecosystem and uses Unitful.jl to allow the user to define appropriate units for their problems. For 2D and 3D models, it uses ParallelStencil.jl to support multithreading on CPU and parallel computing on GPU.

This package can be used as a teaching tool or for research purposes.


DiffusionGarnet.jl is a registered package and may be installed directly from the REPL:

  pkg> add DiffusionGarnet
  pkg> test DiffusionGarnet