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What is DocumenterVitepress.jl?

DocumenterVitepress is a Markdown backend for Documenter.jl which is designed to work with the [`VitePress`](https://vitepress.dev/) site generator, which is built off `Vue.js`. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the `vitepress` Node.js package, which is why so much customization is required!

Basic usage

If you copy the contents of the `template/` directory into your `docs/` and the `.github/Documenter.yml` file to your repo, you should be good to go and edit docs as usual! Just remember to edit the navbar in `docs/src/.vitepress/config.mts`, if you want it to be different from the sidebar. To install a logo or favicon, you can put `logo.png` and `favicon.ico` in `docs/src/assets`, and they will be automatically detected.