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This package implements different empirical dust measurements for use in astronomy. This package is written in pure Julia and is built with first-class support with Unitful.jl and Measurements.jl.


Extinction describes the effect of dust grains on observations of stars in space. Light that travels through dust is absorbed and scatterred as natural processes of light's interactions with materials. This obfuscation can be modeled and removed from our data in order to more properly retrieve the star's flux. When dealing with multiple stars, or large clusters or galaxies, this process is considered dust attenuation and is not provided for in this package.


From the REPL, press ] to enter Pkg mode

(v 1.4) pkg> add DustExtinction

julia> using DustExtinction


julia> using DustExtinction

julia> CCM89(Rv=3.1)(4000)

For more examples, view the Color Laws and Dust Maps sections.


There are various citations relevant to this work. Please be considerate when using this work or any derivate of it by adding the appropriate citations.

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