Managing ERA5 Reanalysis Datasets

ERA5Reanalysis.jl is a Julia package that aims to streamline the following processes:

  • downloads of ERA5 Datasets from the Climate Data Store (does not include MARS requests)
  • basic analysis of said datasets
  • perform all the above operations innately over a given geographical region using the GeoRegion functionality of GeoRegions.jl (v2 and above)

Installation Instructions

ERA5Reanalysis.jl has not been officially registered as a Julia package yet. To install it, add it directly using the GitHub link as follows:

julia> ]
(@v1.6) pkg> add

The Basic Components of ERA5Reanalysis.jl

There are three essential components to specifying an ERA5 reanalysis dataset:

  1. The ERA5 module (hourly, monthly, month-by-hour, etc.), held in an ERA5Dataset supertype
  2. The ERA5 variable (single-level, or pressure-level), held in the ERA5Variable supertype
  3. The ERA5 region to be downloaded/analyzed, held in an ERA5Region supertype, built over a GeoRegion

Documentation Overview

The documentation for ERA5Reanalysis.jl is divided into three components:

  1. Tutorials - meant as an introduction to the package. There are three key components to ERA5Reanalysis.jl: (a) Dataset types specified by ERA5Datasets, (b) Single- and Pressure-level Variables of interest specified by ERA5Variables and (c) Geographic Regions of interest specified by ERA5Regions
  2. How-to Examples - geared towards those looking for specific examples of what can be done
  3. API Reference - comprehensive summary of all exported functionalities
Obtaining Example Datasets

All the output for the coding examples were produced using my computer with key security information (such as login info) omitted. The examples cannot be run online because the file size requirements are too big. Copying and pasting the code examples (with relevant directory and login information changes) should produce the same results.

Getting help

If you are interested in using ERA5Reanalysis.jl or are trying to figure out how to use it, please feel free to ask me questions and get in touch! Please feel free to open an issue if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc!