ESA Interpolation Files made easy.

ESAInterpolationFiles.jl is a Julia library that provides fast and allocation-free access to binary ESA/ESOC interpolation files or IPF. Completely written in Julia, it enables Automatic-Differentiation (AD) via ForwardDiff.jl and TaylorSeries.jl across all of its function calls.


The compute and compute_derivative functions can be used to perform interpolation and compute derivatives from an IPF file.

Example Usage:

using ESAInterpolationFiles: IPF, compute, compute_derivatives

# Load an IPF file
file = IPF("example.ipf")

# Compute interpolated value for a given key
value = compute(file, 10.5)

# Compute derivative for a given key
derivative = compute_derivative(file, 10.5)


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This package is not affiliated with ESA/ESOC.