Struct to store ESA/ESOC Interpolation File data.

  • filepath::String: The path to the IPF file.
  • header::IPFHeader: The header information of the IPF file.
  • blocks::Vector{IPFBlockInfo}: Information about the blocks within the IPF file.
  • first_key::V: The first key value stored in the IPF file.
  • last_key::V: The last key value stored in the IPF file.
  • array::Vector{UInt8}: An array containing the binary data of the IPF file.
  • cache::InterpCache{C, V}: Cache for interpolation data.

Here the parameters are the cache-type C and the value type V.


  • IPF{C, V}(filepath::String): Constructs an IPF object from the specified file path, with the option to specify the types for cache (C) and values (V).
  • IPF(filepath::String): Constructs an IPF object with default types Float64 for both cache and values.
compute_derivative(file::IPF, key::Number)

Compute Interpolation File derivative value at the given key value.


To use this function the IPF file shall contains derivatives.